Welcome to the flexible foodie! I’m a 26 year old yoga teacher and natural foods foodie. It is my conviction that all people everywhere deserve access to fresh nutritious food.

Sadly, good nutrition suffers from a bad image. My hope is that by showing you how delicious and appealing whole foods can be, you will learn to love them as much as I do. I believe that having a mostly plant-based, whole foods, REAL foods  diet is the best way to improve and maintain your health. I also believe that food, and sharing food, are amongst life’s greatest pleasures.

My blog is about helping you to find simple ways to eat healthy and enjoy food. I hope you find inspiration here. Being a healthy foodie is revolutionary. With good food you can change your health, your body, your mindset, the environment, and even the world! So here’s to your good health!


xx, Mima